Mary Wiles Heartland Originals Show

Mary's Heartland Original Show maintains the same wholesome humor and fast pace as the variety show, but contains more depth of content for the adult theater audience.  Mary and her band play upbeat heartland folk rock and country blues, showcasing award winning story songs she has written and  favorites audiences will remember and enjoy.  Mary's excellent musicianship on guitar, violin, banjo, mandolin, blues harmonica and keyboards are featured, along with some upbeat bluegrass and inspirational standards.  Mary's skillful songwriting is about the heart of America... the dreams, hopes, families, loves and faiths that live deeply within each of us.  

Sample of  Songs that may be featured:

Violin Songs

Play it Like Grandpa Plays
A touching song of how Mary's Grandfather taught her to play violin as a child. This song won an award in the Billboard Song Contest.

Written by Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass... a toe tapping Celtic violin tune.

William Tell Overture
Better known as the "Lone Ranger Theme"  This is a classical piece Mary learned as a youngster from her teacher, who held first chair in the Seattle Symphony.

Orange Blossom Special
A classic train song, fast paced bluegrass violin piece that starts featuring Mary's harmonica

Down Yonder
A traditional fast Texas fiddle song

Keyboard/Piano Songs
Wrong Side of Town
Humorous country blues song about Mary's car breaking down in the red light district at 2 AM

Teenage Runaway
Soulful R & B song that describes a young girl's sadness and fears as she faces life on the streets.

Worship Avenue
A humorous R & B song featuring Mary's excellent keyboard and blues harmonica playing.... about a driver Mary saw who had her hands off the wheel, raised in the air, singing loudly with the radio blasting gospel music.

Love Doesn't Just Disappear
Beautiful folk rock story song of love lasting many years through willingness to admit wrong and forgiveness.  

Thanks for the Times
A touching song of thanks for God's paternal love.....  This song won two Music City Songwriting awards for excellent vocals and songwriting

Banjo Songs

Dueling Banjos
A favorite traditional piece that "duels" a race and picking contest between banjo and guitar

Foggy Mountain Breakdown
A classic bluegrass piece featuring banjo and guitar

Rocky Top
A traditional banjo piece about mountain living in Tennessee

Blackberry Blossom
A traditional intricate banjo piece in the melodic style

Country Time
This is a happy song that tells of sitting on the back porch after a busy day, picking guitar and getting life into perspective.

A standard Hank Williams tune that will have everyone singing and tapping their feet.

Blonde Girl Blues
This is a comic blues tune for "picked on" blondes everywhere!

Hot Rod Lincoln
This is a classic Western swing song about a wild driver in a hot rod... featuring Mary's harmonica and high speeds!

This song features Mary's boogie woogie piano and harmonica and takes us to a "Sweet Country"

Guitar Songs

Alligator Country
A suspenseful country blues song describing law by your own gun in the marshlands of the deep south with intricate guitar and harmonica

A touching folk song about Mary's big brother when he was a little boy.

Hopeless in Love
Heartland folk rock song that speaks to the heart of anyone who loved deeply when the other did not.

Little Bit Closer
A heartland folk rock song with harmonica that encourages reaching to a higher life and goals

No Two Timer Gonna Be My Man
Rhythmic country blues that says it all for the ladies

Play the Game
A comic song featuring Mary's jazzy blues guitar work. This is a tongue in cheek rendition of Mary?s mother?s instructions as a teen to go to college rather than pursue music as a profession

Whole Lotta Love
Song about reading letters from a lost love and hopes while reading between the lines

Folk song with beautiful guitar and harmonica work.  Story song about Jesus' life on this earth, and how he was a "Waymaker" for those who have no hope.

The Nurses' Song
Touching song honoring nurses that describes the comforting words said to a woman after loosing her husband of 30 years

Lonesome Cowboy
Beautiful folk story song featuring Mary's excellent guitar picking and harmonica about a lonesome cowboy who wouldn't trust anyone

"Mary wowed the audience with her talent...She was surrounded by seven different instruments...she often played more than one instrument per song...Top quality entertainment."  Janiel Stone, the Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA

"Wiles is riding a wave of critical acclaim with recent awards...she is hailed as one of the Northwest's hottest attractions on the music scene."  Journal of the San Juans

"Wiles shows solid writing with lots of diversity of style...She has a clear voice, is a top multi-instrumentalist on guitar, fiddle, harmonica, banjo,  mandolin and keyboards to deliver one top flight show."  Chris Lunn, Festivals Directory

"Wiles is a legend in her own city."  Carole Beers, Seattle Times